Stuck at the office working overtime, Ralph must race home before nightfall… or his terrible secret will be let loose.

Directed By

Craig D. Foster

Writing Credits

Craig D. Foster & Emma McKenna

Produced By

Craig D. Foster, Emma McKenna, David Opitz

Music By

Phillip J. Faddoul

Cinematography by

Kieran Fowler

Film Editing by

Emma McKenna

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Aaron Glenane stars as RALPH, on the surface a very normal man working a 9-5 and trying to climb the corporate ladder. He keeps the normal façade all too well, until one night, when it’s the full moon, and also happens to be his 30th birthday; Ralph just cannot get out of the office.

As he’s about to leave, his boss, throws a box of files on his desks that need to be finished that same evening. Upon completion hours later, he gets locked in an elevator with his work crush, Meagan as he tries to hurry home. Finally escaping, he races home trying to beat the full moon from rising to its peak, but he is cutting it very, very close.

He begins to turn into a werewolf, as he drives home. His secret is coming out, and he’s yet to get home to his safe place where he restrains himself with chains to prevent himself from hurting anyone. He barely makes it into his apartment, chain restraint in hand, when the lights pop up and every one from work and his parents are in his living room waiting as a surprise to celebrate his birthday. He has scruffy canine hair all over his face, claws, and his elongated incisors are drooling at the thought of human flesh.

He’s been hiding this his entire life, keeping others safe from his demon within, but now, as he approaches his final evolution, he stands unchained with almost 50 unprotected people waiting just feet in front of him. There is a slaughter, and his secret is no more.

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