Last Seen

A true crime podcast host travels to a small Pennsylvania town to investigate a decades-old cold case, opening old wounds as she digs deep looking for an answer to what happened to the missing Honeycutt Three.

Series Directed by

Heather de Michele

Series Writing Credits

Mariah Robinson

Series Produced by

Darcie Cebula (associate producer), Heather de Michele (executive producer), Juan Pacheco (producer), Mariah Robinson (executive producer), Gerald Ward II (associate producer), Jennifer Lee Weaver (producer)

Series Music by

Trevor Carlee

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Last Seen

Do you love mysteries? Do you stay up late watching the Investigation Discovery channel and get sucked into Lifetime movies? If so, you might just fall in love with Last Seen, is a series made for those who love mystery, thrillers, and real-life true crime stories.

In this diverse, well-made tale, decades-old racial divides are revealed and boundaries just might be crossed. In this addictive series, Bonnie (played by Kim Chueh) is a true crime podcast host obsessed with investigating cold cases. Last Seen explores themes of justice, the nuances within race and class, as well as what is and what is not polite society.

For her newest case, she travels to a small Pennsylvania town to try to dig up some clues from a cold case that’s thirty years old — that of three missing children. Along the way, she makes new friends and opens old wounds as she interviews key figures who tell it like it is, un-sugared and un-filtered. And what’s a bit of mischief in the race to find the truth? Of course, in her eagerness to solve the kidnappings, Bonnie gets into a little trouble herself. In her quest for answers as to what happened to the missing Honeycutt Three, she discovers what she’s capable of, but will she cross the line? Does she have a chance in cracking the mystery?

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