When a 7-year-old orphan (Jada) living by herself on Venice Beach is discovered by a social worker, she must face the choice of staying or running.

Directed by

Doug Roland

Written by

Doug Roland

Produced by

Jackson Myers, doug roland (associate producer), Johnathan Ruggiero, Daniel Ryan (co-producer)

Cinematography by

Jackson Myers

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Kaycie Bowens stars as JADA, a seven-year-old living by herself on Venice Beach. Jada makes and sells stick people on the boardwalk to get by. Incredibly self-sufficient and responsible, she makes friends with food vendors on the boardwalk who are more than willing to help her with free food. Jada’s true self is shown when a man buys a few of her stick dolls out of pity, she immediately goes to the vendor to pay him back despite him not wanting her money.

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